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Invaders In Biafra

By Michael Robson /Vectaris In May 1967 the Eastern Region of Nigeria seceded from the Federation and proclaimed itself the Republic of Biafra with Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu as its head of state. For the next thirty three months a bloody civil war ensued which, it is estimated, cost the lives of two million people. Whilst much of the conflict took place on the ground both sides mounted air offensives although such events did little to change the course of the war. The Federal Nigerian Air Force was comparatively well equipped with combat aircraft including several MiG-17 fighters, some L-29 jet trainers and six Ilyushin Il-28 jet bombers, all flown by mercenary crews. For Biafra however, the situation was different. Isolated both geographically and politically she was unable to obtain aircraft by conventional means and had to rely on the often shady world of the arms dealer and, as a result, came to operate a somewhat motley collection of aircraft. Her two A