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We Ate Every Food As Our Last Supper Because Of Constant Air Raids – Ukaeje

A young Biafran soldier inspects a rifle during training at camp in Owerri. After their initial training, the soldiers go to join the front line forces in Biafra's struggle against Nigerian federal troops. Image: Bettmann Collection. (July 1968) BY DAMIAN DURUIHEOMA Mr. Ifeanyi Ukaeje was on the verge of writing his senior school certificate examinations at Okongwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi when the civil war broke out. As the schools shut, Ukaeje enlisted in the Biafran Air Force where he worked as a protector of the Uli Airport. Although luck was on his side as he and the whole family survived the bloody 30-month civil war, he, like millions of survivors, went through horrible experience. The septuagenarian, who is also a veteran journalist, shares the story of his survival and other issues about the war with Damian Duruiheoma. Can you recall exactly where you were and how you found out that there had been an outbreak of war between the federal government and Biafra ? I

I Lost My Father, Seminarian And Properties Worth Millions – EZEMA

ORIENT DAILY INTERVIEW Image via Orient Daily News Paulinus Omeje Ezema was a 15-year-old boy in Ede Oballa community , Nsukka local government area of Enugu state when the Nigerian civil war broke out. The Ezema family fled their house when Nigerian troops captured Nsukka, leaving behind everything they acquired through the years. By the time the war was over, they lost everything, including their father . In this interview with Uchenna Ezeadigwe, the three-time deputy chairman of Nsukka East Development Centre and former councillor of Eduku Ward in Ede Oballa , Nsukka local government area, shares his incredible survival stories during the 30-month civil war, among other issues. Can you recall exactly when, where you were and how you found out that there had been an outbreak of war between the federal government and Biafra ? I was a teenager but not too young to remember what actually led to the civil war. The war was actually a fallout of the killing of the Igb

I Lost My 5-Year-Old-Sister To Kwashiorkor During Civil War – Nnatu

ORIENT DAILY EDITORIAL/INTERVIEW Kanayo Nnatu was a seven- year - old boy in Primary 1 in Ifite-Awka when the Nigerian civil war broke out in July 1967. Six months after the Nigerian military launched an audacious campaign against erstwhile Eastern Region which had declared itself as Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967, the federal troops entered and conquered Awka, later to be the Anambra state capital. The young Nnatu fled with his family into the forest where they were to live throughout the rest of the 30 months during which the war lasted. In this interview with O’star Eze, the 59- year - old provides an intriguing account of his survival in that war which claimed over 3 million lives. How old were you the Nigerian civil war started? I was seven years old and in Primary 1 when the civil war started. In those days, you were not allowed into primary school until you were able to touch either ear with your hand from the opposite side of your body. I was seven