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Introducing The Republic Of Biafra

INTRODUCING THE REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA CONTENTS I. Introduction II. The Country III. The People Inter-Group Relationships Political and Social Systems IV. Economic Resources V. Conclusion Published by the Government of the Republic of Biafra in 1967. I. Introduction A new nation has been born. Fourteen million people have taken their destiny into their own hands and embarked on the task of building a nation free from fear, bitterness and hate. Their sole aim is to develop their innate capabilities and rear their children in an atmosphere of peace and security. They stretch their hands of fellowship to all nations and appeal for understanding, friendship and co-operation. We, Biafrans, opted for self-determination after a long period of heart-searching and after making desperate efforts to save the Federation of Nigeria from disintegration. More than any other people in the former Federation, Biafrans contributed their human and material resources to the cause of national unity. From 1914,

Fleas versus Falcons over Biafra

Fleas versus Falcons over Biafra Short history and assessment of the MFI-9B "MiniCOIN" in Biafran air force service Part I ©Kristjan Runarsson 2002 1 - Synopsis This is a condensed overview of MFI-9B operations and not an attempt at producing a definitive account of these operations. The main motivation for creating it was the fact that the only really detailed account of MFI-9B operations in Biafra is Gunnar Haglunds book "Gerillapilot i Biafra" which, as the name suggests, is written in Swedish and has to the best of my knowledge not been translated into English. I hope this short account will give English speaking readers some insight into these operations which left an air force well stocked with "serious military hardware" more of less impotent to react to attacks by a handful of piston engined, rocket equipped, primary trainers. 2 - MiniCOIN an eccentric idea becomes reality Carl Gustav von Rosen can with some justification be said to be one of the 2

Benjamin Adekunle Shooting at Everything

"I want see no Red Cross, no caritas, no World Council of Churches, no pope, no missionaey and no United Nations delegation. I want to prevent even one Igbo from having even one piece to eat before their capitulation. We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Igbo territory, we shoot at everything even at things that don't move" -----Benjamin Adekunle If the above comment is not bigotry and hatred, what else is?

The Biafra war and the age of Pestilence

The Biafra War and the Age of Pestilence Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe When is the heinous crime of “genocide” not “genocide”? Perhaps, when everyone of the targeted national, racial, religious, or regional population is not yet exterminated. Henceforth, “genocide” appears to be the case when it can be demonstrated that the population under attack has been totally destroyed… So, to prove that genocide has occurred, there must be no survivors… In the case of the Sudan, according to the report of the February 2005 UN investigating commission on the character of the slaughter of the African population in the Dafur region by the Khartoum-based Arab regime and its Janjaweed militia allies,(1) such an outcome hasn’t yet occurred – therefore, there is “no genocide”; at least not yet. Instead, there have been what the commission categorises, quite curiously, as “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” committed by the regime. For the UN, Khartoum has apparently not yet crossed that “dreadful” threshold