Starvation And Yakubu Gowon's-Led Genocidal Campaign Against The Igbo Nation: Photo Essay


A Biafran child at a refugee camp August 5, 1968. Thousands died from starvation daily. The girl in the photo died hours after this picture was taken from malnutrition. Image: Kurt Strumps/AP

Les Archer, a British construction worker holds the hands of a starving Biafran child, one of the estimated 600 Igbo children t the tiny Niger Maternity Home in Port Harcourt, January 22, 1970. Image: Dennis Lee Royle

Biafran refugees bury 3-year-old boy, Leke, wrapped in cloth. The boy died from famine in this refugee camp after his mother had carried him more than 100 miles. Image: Kurt Strumps/AP, 1968

Dr. Sherman Nagel, 53, a former Los Angeles, Calif., physician, checks the lungs of a malnourished girl brought by her mother to Dr. Nagel's Northern Anwa County hospital in Biafra, Aug. 2, 1968. The girl died a few hours later from starvation. Image: Dennis Lee Royle/Associated Press

British nurse Elva Peterson feeding desperately starved and malnourished Igbo children. Image: Hulton Deitsch Collection

A volunteer worker feeds one of 500 children housed in a disused maternity home. Volunteers from the town's English community undertook caring for the children in need of care at the feeding center near Port Harcourt. Image: Bettmann

Starving refugee Igbo children from Owerri suffer from dysentery at the tiny Niger maternity home. Children near death lay on the ground amid vomit and human waste. British construction worker Les Archer told foreign newsmen that nobody seemed to want to help the children. About 600 were crammed into the maternity home



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