Benjamin Adekunle Shooting at Everything

"I want see no Red Cross, no caritas, no World Council of Churches, no pope, no missionaey and no United Nations delegation. I want to prevent even one Igbo from having even one piece to eat before their capitulation. We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Igbo territory, we shoot at everything even at things that don't move"

-----Benjamin Adekunle

If the above comment is not bigotry and hatred, what else is?


Anonymous said…
its called a job you looser. what do you think people in teh army do dance around like a ballerina.NO. there meant to kill so shut up.
Anonymous said…
War is bitter. The looser always has complaints.
Anonymous said…
Do you seriously believe that the Nigerians were supposed to provide food to the rebels? Aid meant for civilians would have been hijacked by Ojukwu's thugs, so stop this crap! You talk of bigotry and hatred, but I can assure you that Ojukwu would have done much worse had the roles been reversed.
Unknown said…
Why do people want to peddal the myth of a biafran genocide industry? We are setting ourselves up for round two, meanwhile, the myth peddlers are filling their coffers and building up hate for their own personal reasons. Do you know ANY of the people whose pictures you parade about your websites? I see no analysis of what happened, why and who actually did what. Lots of personal abuse and the pornography of death - using picutures of dead and dying children to re fight a lost war.

My mother is from Rivers state and my father is from ogbomosho and my paternal grandmother is a northerners. I am a true nigerian.

If you have nothing to say about the FUTURE of nigeria, you really should stay quiet. We do not need to revisit this war in this way, unless you want to fight it again. You will certainly loose it again


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